Norðri is compatible with iso of 2021-06-01.

Welcome to Norðri


Do you like open source
and Archlinux in particular ?

Here is Norðri an installation script for Archlinux !


The goal is to share with you my Arch Linux installation script with :

XFCE as desktop environments

LightDM as display manager

Trizen as a wrapper for AUR

Pamac-aur as graphics software manager

NetworkManager as network manager

Firefox as a browser

Thunderbird as email client

LibreOffice as an office suite

Evince as PDF and PostScript document viewer

Oracle VM VirtualBox as virtualization software

Neofetch as a system information tool in CLI mode

Keepass as password manager

GParted as a graphical tool to manage partitions

System choice in French Canadian or Canadian English with default US keyboard

LUKS and LVM choice when installing in UEFI

After booting from the official Arch Linux installation media, pacman -Sy

Retrieve Norðri using the command

curl -L "" -O .

Make it executable with a chmod +x ./ , run it and follow the steps.

On reboot in your / home go read the file "LISEZ-MOI" which explains how to install trizen and pamac-aur.

Partitions on a disk in UEFI with GPT

/dev/sda1 for /boot/efi with 512M | dev/sda2 for / with 25G | /dev/sda3 for /home with the rest of the disk

Partitions on a disk in BIOS

/dev/sda1 for /boot avec 512M | dev/sda2 for swap with 1G | /dev/sda3 for / avec 25G | /dev/sda4 with the rest of the disk

Partitions on a disk in UEFI with LUKS and LVM support

/ dev/sda1 for /boot/efi with 512M | dev/sda2 with the rest of the disk

Why the choice of the name Norðri ?
Norðri is one of the four dwarves of Edda de Snorri. He is the so-called "northern" dwarf, so he represents the North. Quebec is the north! :P