Norðri is compatible with iso of 2021-03-01.

Welcome to Norðri


Do you like open source
and Archlinux in particular ?

Here is Norðri an installation script for Archlinux !


The goal is to share with you my Arch Linux installation script with :

XFCE as desktop environments

LightDM as display manager

Trizen as a wrapper for AUR

Pamac-aur as graphics software manager

NetworkManager as network manager

Firefox as a browser

Thunderbird as email client

LibreOffice as an office suite

Evince as PDF and PostScript document viewer

Oracle VM VirtualBox as virtualization software

Neofetch as a system information tool in CLI mode

Keepass as password manager

GParted as a graphical tool to manage partitions

System choice in French Canadian or Canadian English with default US keyboard

After booting from the official Arch Linux installation media, pacman -Sy

Retrieve Norðri using the command

curl -L "" -O .

Make it executable with a chmod +x ./ , run it and follow the steps.

On reboot in your / home go read the file "LISEZ-MOI" which explains how to install trizen and pamac-aur.

Partitions on a disk in UEFI with GPT

/dev/sda1 for /boot/efi with 512M | dev/sda2 for / with 25G | /dev/sda3 for /home with the rest of the disk

Partitions on a disk in BIOS

/dev/sda1 for /boot avec 512M | dev/sda2 for swap with 1G | /dev/sda3 for / avec 25G | /dev/sda4 with the rest of the disk

Why the choice of the name Norðri ?
Norðri is one of the four dwarves of Edda de Snorri. He is the so-called "northern" dwarf, so he represents the North. Quebec is the north! :P