Welcome to Norðri


Here is Norðri, an installation script for Archlinux !

This is a simple bash script that automates the installation of an Archlinux system..

Used after booting the official Archlinux installation media.


Info ! Norðri is compatible with the iso of 2023-03-01.


The goal is to share with you my Archlinux installation script with :

icone XFCE as desktop environments
icone LightDM as display manager
icone Trizen as a wrapper for AUR
icone Pamac-aur as graphics software manager
icone NetworkManager as network manager
icone Firefox as a browser
icone Thunderbird as email client
icone LibreOffice as an office suite
icone Evince as PDF and PostScript document viewer
icone Oracle VM VirtualBox as virtualization software
icone Neofetch as a system information tool in CLI mode
icone Keepass as password manager
icone GParted as a graphical tool to manage partitions
icone Firewalld as a firewall tool
icone Geany as a IDE tool
icone Simplescreenrecorder as a screencast tool
icone Wireshark as a packet analysis tool
icone Nmap as a port scanning tool
icone Gimp as an image editing and retouching tool
icone System choice in French Canadian or Canadian English with default US keyboard



After booting from the official Arch Linux installation media, pacman -Sy

Retrieve and run Norðri using the command:

curl -L "https://nordri.vollenberg.ca/nordri.sh" -O && chmod +x ./nordri.sh && ./nordri.sh

On reboot in your / home go read the file "LISEZ-MOI" which explains how to install trizen and pamac-aur.

Partitions on a disk in UEFI in GPT

Reference Mounting point Size File system
/dev/sda1 /boot/efi 512M ext4
/dev/sda2 / 25 Go minimum ext4
/dev/sda3 /home The rest of the disc ext4