Norðri QC-flag

An installation script for Archlinux !

Used after booting the official Archlinux installation media.

Get and run ArchNorðri using:

curl -sL "https://nordri.vollenberg.ca/nordri.sh" -O && chmod +x ./nordri.sh && ./nordri.sh

On reboot in your /home go read the "LISEZ-MOI" file which explains how to use the post installation script


The Arch Norðri script offers three installation modes !

[1] Arch Linux base only;

[2] Arch Norðri with XFCE as desktop environment and some default applications;

[3] With only XFCE desktop environment;

ArchNorðri apps

XFCE as desktop environments

LightDM as display manager

Trizen as a wrapper for AUR

Pamac-aur as graphics software manager

NetworkManager as network manager

Firefox as a browser

Thunderbird as email client

LibreOffice as an office suite

Evince as PDF and PostScript document viewer

Oracle VM VirtualBox as virtualization software

Neofetch as a system information tool in CLI mode

Keepass as password manager

GParted as a graphical tool to manage partitions

Firewalld as a firewall tool

Geany as a IDE tool

Ranger as text-based file manager

Wireshark as a packet analysis tool

Nmap as a port scanning tool

Gimp as an image editing and retouching tool

System choice in French, French Canadian or English